Finishing up

This week and last week I’ve been doing a lot of reorganizing for my site. But I’ve been mapping out/writing pseudo-code offline due to login issues on the backend with my site. I remember having a similar issue before when our guest lecturer was in, and the problem was that I had two WordPress accounts and I believe I started writing the child theme code into the local host that wasn’t connected to the domain.

Regardless, I look forward to getting that issue addressed at the upcoming class and continuing with my work, as I hope to finish it by this weekend.

1 thought on “Finishing up

  1. Greg Linch

    Just to clarify, the localhost WordPress and live WordPress sites are two entirely separation installation/accounts. The databases aren’t shared at all and the localhost site isn’t connected to Namecheap/the domain/hosting, so the logins are independent — like they’re two different sites. Also, the login is different from our class site.


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