The Road to More Knowledge

Believe it or not, I actually want to work more on my website following this class. I ran into a few bumps that I would like to resolve. In previous posts, I mentioned how web development entails a lot of problem solving. This is a skill I would continue to exercise as I figure out how to improve the map and contact form on my page. When developing my website for the final project, I did not think I would touch it again once this class was over. However, I am inspired to first figure out the issue to my website problems and then create my own personal portfolio website with the tips and tricks that I have learned in this class. Fortunately, I am not taking any courses over the summer so I am hoping to embark on another frustrating journey and finish launching my website by the end of the summer.

Another thing I hope plan to do is go through the syllabus again and refresh my memory of topics that I struggled with. For example, I know we did the PHP lesson through a different resource than Codeacademy, but I would like to try taking the Codeacademy lesson to see if this would help improve my knowledge of PHP. I think going through material I have seen before would improve my comfortability with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

I really don’t want to forget the skills that I have learned in this class. A matter of fact, I was hoping to turn this into a hobby. I enjoy the feeling of being able to code something correctly and seeing my vision work! I know the world of web development is a lot more intense than this course, but who knows where my skills will take me? It would also be interesting to try going to a coding meet-up this summer. I can’t wait to see where my new journey takes me!

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