Data reporting

This class was very difficult for me, but I’m so glad I learned what I learned. I really benefited from the open-ended, pick-your-brain type discussions where we explored the possibilities of different web development strategies. Those types of discussions are what let me to sign up for Data Reporting this summer.

I’m excited to use what I’ve learned in this class to augment what I’ll be doing in that class. I’d like to leave the class with a good understanding of how to use publicly available APIs to get a jump on story ideas and to look at patterns.

I’d like to slowly but surely delve into adding more features to my website and, in some instances, just as a way to showcase web items I’ve built. I’ve seen great sites that have beautiful, flowing photo portfolios, interesting notification tools for updates to news stories and more. The focus here for me will have to be staying interested and treating this like learning a new instrument.

I felt that I was most comfortable with CSS, but I do feel (at least) conversational with the rest of the languages we’ve learned. I’m certainly interested in learning more through the Codecademy lessons now that they’ve added PHP as well.

Anyways, thanks so much everyone for learning with me, and thanks to Greg for being an awesome teacher!


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