My next step is a new project I want to work on. I want to create a site for our toolkit at work. The toolkit explains the steps our clients need  to take in order to livestream their events through our services. The website I want to create will have different pages that explain the process. Then I am going to create a form where the client submits their materials. This would include a box for the title of event, the description, livestream embed code, and the image. I want to be working on this for the next month. Our next series of events is in September, so I want to make sure I have it done and ready and tested before then.

Looking back at these past couple of months, I am very glad I took this class. It has allowed me to learn something I had zero knowledge of. I did not even know the different languages. The class exposed me to different resources like Codecademy where I can learn more on my own. I also learned a valuable skill, which is that the answer is always available somewhere and all you need to do is look. I, now, Google everything. Reddit is a huge resource for me and not just for coding questions, but any question I have. I look up news, resources, articles about food, fitness, etc. It is not easy to look things up. You need to know what key words to use and you can not use too many words in your search. You need to keep it simple and straightforward.

I want to learn C++ and use the resources I have to do so. C++ is also widely considered the language of choice when performance is needed. It is mature and can run anywhere. I did hear that it is a little risky and that it is preferred to use other higher level languages like PHP and Javascript in most business applications today. This is because they have managed memory that make them safer to code in. I feel like it would be interesting to learn or just pick one of the languages we learned, like JavaScript or HTML, and work more with it until I master it and become an expert at it. I do think this experience made me realize that web development is not the route for me. While it was a good learning experience and it added a lot of value to me and my work, I do not see myself doing web development as a career. I am happy that I have a basic knowledge of it now but that is about it.


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