Creating a Good Reading Environment

This week’s readings seemed to drive the point home that we can truly become marketable when we learn to manipulate our web-based platforms effectively. To take it a step further, we are actually unprepared to join today’s labor force when we can’t do it effectively. Most authors this week covered HTML and CSS. However, while some advised to just understand these concepts, many more stressed the need to practice them regularly. Again, the concepts only vaguely apply to my line of work, but I do see how applicable they can be to so many other types of work. As an avid online news consumer, I definitely appreciated the concepts that guide multi-platform content. I enjoy visiting sites that display effectively whether I am on my computer, phone or tablet. In fact, it significantly impacts where I go for online content. Learning the processes for getting it all to display seamlessly has already motivated me to learn to do it well myself. It seems it is the only way to ensure my readers are happy with the content, and always willing to return for more.

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