Week One Post- Mark Dennin

I’m beginning to learn that code can be layered, and that different languages will allow us to do different things.  Some languages provide the basic structures of a site, while others are markup languages and allow us to “dress up” the structure.  Understanding what language is appropriate for what I’m trying to do will be key.  I’m also starting to learn that coding, even with a markup language is going to require a lot of memorization and exercises in order to keep myself familiar.  Responsive web design is becoming more and more important, as I am almost more likely to view a website on my iPhone than on my computer.  And someone else might view it on their HTC phone, or a tablet of any size, or any variety of devices.  A website, not just an app built for a specific operating systems, has to be able to adapt to any device now, and look like it was designed for just that screen size, width, and length.  At first I’m probably going to have more success working with adaptive layouts, as these are going to be easier to make and more foolproof  from the start.  But once I become more comfortable, responsive layouts are going to be my goal.  It will be way easier to design for for just a few different layouts than hundreds, and I’ll be happy if I can make my website look great on and iPad and and iPhone to start, as these are the devices I see most people using these days.

The web inspector has been interesting to use thus far, but is showing me that I have a lot of work to do understanding what each type of code is capable of.  It really is like reading a foreign language at this point, and every type of content seems like it written in one that is different than the previous one.  I’m looking forward to be able to understand what I am reading soon.

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