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I really enjoyed this week’s lesson and assignments. Just like we discussed during the first week of class, this work is extremely gratifying once you see your code successfully appear as a website. I understand why this is becoming more and more common for journalists to switch over to. Coding requires a keen eye not only from a formatting side but a grammatical side as well. There were several instances where I was stuck in Codecademy and it had nothing to do with the formation of my code, but rather a grammatical error. Luckily this didn’t happen often but it is already difficult enough for me to remember what all of these tags mean and I was constantly reminded how important grammar is as well.

I had the most difficulty with remembering the image source codes and exactly how they were supposed to be formatted versus the hypertext references. This was our first week using Codecademy and I’ve already grown to love it. Although it took me a while to get through all of the lessons, I’ve truly learned from it. I’ve had to learn to build sites before in college, but the software allowed me to speed through and not really retain things. Codecademy had a lot of repetition (which can get annoying, but is worth it) and I enjoyed seeing my work as I went. I know that we are nowhere near pros, but from this one week, I’ve learned and actually believe that web development is not as scary once you learn what and why things are done the way they are done. Like most of us in this class, by no means do I want to take this on full-time, but it is so fulfilling to be able to know how to speak code and I’m looking forward to the end of the summer when I finally have my own website.

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