Week 1 – May 21, 2013

Week two homework helped me reinforce the topics covered in class last week, which was great. I thought I would remember everything taught in class, but I was wrong. I went home started working on developing my code and my mind was blank. Thank goodness for Week 2 readings and for the web design course.

As far as the Basic Intro to HTML for Journalism students, I am nowhere near a journalism student, but can appreciate the work, especially with the changing world that we live in. One day you are involved in being a writer and the next day you are expected to become a developer-writer. I have always been intimated by developing, especially after working in IT. I cannot fathom how a journalism student feels. Their entire college curriculum is focused training the brain to identify a story and delivery and then all of a sudden the world changes and they are expected to code. It is a good thing that we have generous technologist out there as the developers and owners of WordPress and Web Design courses which break things down into simple form.

The following stood out from the journalism essentials: “Even if you never write a line of code, you need to be able to communicate with those who do.” Very powerful statement, not only for developing, but for everything in life. As a Public Relations student and a consultant, I find it to be extremely important to communicate in other people’s language. It leaves a huge impact. One huge challenge which is a growing trend in IT organizations today is the inability for IT and the Business to communicate and their inability to appreciate the others gifts. IT always feels that the business is not doing anything and the business seems to underestimate the complexity and challenges which constant change of development requirements brings to the table. My initial thought is that they are not able to appreciate what each brings to the table due to lack of knowledge and/or interest in the others talents. I hope this course helps me better understand what developers do, not only so that I too can join the development and blog craze, but to also work better with development teams.

Other comments: My first impression of this web design class is that it may actually be possible for me to learn how to code and/or blog. I am truly excited, not only about the idea of being able to start my own blog, but also at the idea that I may be able to teach others how to blog. I truly cannot wait to go live.

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