It has by far been the most frustrating weeks of learning in the web development course.

JavaScript is not the easiest to comprehend, and yet it accomplishes some of the greatest tasks on the Internet.

The Codecademy lessons were somewhat informative, but also not easy.

Due to a work/vacation trip I had to work on the lessons before Tuesday’s class. Learning from a written lesson is not the best way of learning for me, and the errors on Codecademy don’t provide much assistance. I found myself in the forums a lot looking for key pieces of information, evaluating other coders who also had broken code and comparing them to mine. I finished the lessons before Tuesday class which I imagined would give me a leg up in class, but I was sorely mistaken. There were a lot of key terms and lessons that weren’t even a part of the Codecademy section.

I appreciated Emily coming into the class and diving deep into JavaScript and the console. I think I learned a good amount from it. I’m sure I forgot a lot of it during the trip, so we’ll see how much I retained.

The image gallery we built was by far the biggest frustration so far. After three cups of coffee, 4 hours of googling and repeated cursing, I finally figured it out and it was the simplest work around I could have imagined. Thankfully it works and I never have to look at that gallery again.

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  1. Susan Veoni

    I also appreciated Emily coming into class to demonstrate how JavaScript works. It was reassuring to know that she never took a math class in college (I think I took one, maybe!?) and that she did not have a coding background prior to landing her internship. The fact that Emily learned JavaScript in a capacity where she was coding on a daily basis reiterates how important it is to constantly practice this stuff.


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