Journey into Web Dev

This week’s Codecademy and mid-term assignments were easier to understand than last week’s. While completing this weeks Codecademy assignments, I actually felt like I understood the logic and got the hang of the strings covered in the assignment. This is exciting as last week I was ready to quit web-development.

Not only was this week’s assignment comprehensible, but it was also valuable. Creating and adding buttons, and having the button complete an action are functions that I definitely want to include on my site. As for the fade in and fade out functions, those were fun to learn, but I am not sure that I will be including them on my site, at least not without the hide and show feature. Ideally, what I want to include on my site are images which transition on their own. Is this possible with WordPress?

The mid-term assignment of purchasing a domain and a hosting space was easy to complete and a lot of fun. Now I just have to start developing my site which I thought would be easy, but I am finding it difficult because I want it to be perfect whatever that means. To get past designers block my plans are to create a high-level outline of my site on paper. Once I finalize the draft, I will start developing my site on WordPress. My goal is to keep my site simple, yet modern.

There are so many things to consider when creating a site that it can be somewhat overwhelming, especially since I am just learning about HTML, jQuery and CSS, and not to mention web-sites are public. For now, I know that I want my site to have a home page, a link to register for newsletters, and membership, contact us information, the ability to order products, and a place for uploading videos, such as testimonials and/or video clips, and most importantly, I want my sites to be accessible via smartphones – iPhones, Galaxy, etc…


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