High On Endorphins: Doing it Right This Time

A few years ago, a couple of people on the Georgetown track team and I started a blog called High On Endorphins, where we would post videos and little articles about running and our comical viewpoints on the sport. Usually we would get really into it for about a week and actually post something, then it would go dormant for a year and a half. The site I want to build would be a revival of this basic idea, mostly comical commentary loosely centered around endurance sports (Without any actual rules. If I want to comment on Miley Cyrus’s latest music video, I’m going to do that too).

In the past the site was a tumblr, this time I want it to be more functional.  Mostly, I want the design to look professional, and I think using CSS and PHP will help me make the site look better than it ever has. I want to have different pages, not just posts, and for those pages to have different functionalities. I want to be able to offer readers ways to vote on certain things in my posts and share their opinions in ways beyond commenting, and have pages that have results of those interactions. I want to be able to post with interactive galleries and polls. Mostly, I want the site to be so good that I won’t want to leave it dormant again, so that it encourages me to post more prolifically.


Update to my idea:

URL: highonendorphins.com

Description: a collection of my most interesting/funny/angry thoughts on exercise, endurance sports, sports in general, pop culture, and anything else I think needs to be commented on.

Goals: to build an aesthetically pleasing, high-functioning and engaging site/blog that has enough constant interesting content to bring new and returning viewers.

  • I will focus on a few important style and function aspects that I want to improve on my theme and perfect those changes
  • I will have a finished site that looks so good and works so well that I’ll have no choice but to add content
  • I will spend all day Googling questions when I hit a wall
  • I will have a site that looks and works so professionally that visitors who stumble upon it will take it seriously and not know how few pageviews I actually have

I will be using Twenty-Twelve to start out.

Functionality/Design Changes:

  • Post options that allow me to include polls and star ratings to increase engagement beyond comments
  • Post options that allow galleries
  • Custom post for reviews (movie/game/show)
  • Modern colors, fonts, and room for future ads and greatest hits content (I’m going to sketch a mock-up at some point, although the creative art part may be the toughest part)


2 thoughts on “High On Endorphins: Doing it Right This Time

  1. Dana Jennings

    I know exactly what you mean about leaving it dormant (remember LiveSmartDC? Haha). I think that you need to find a way to make it marketable, or in other words a “Look at this site I built” to show to prospective employers. That way you’ll be motivated (hopefully) to upkeep it.


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