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My vision for my website is still to create an online portfolio. I want it to include the work that I’ve done while in this program, as well as clearly display that I know how to design a website. In order for me to show the latter, I’m hoping to make drastic changes to a common theme page and make it my own. Along with this class, I’m taking Reporting in the Field, so by the end of the semester I will have tons of pictures I’ll want to share on my site. I plan to have a gallery on there from the trip we take as well as a section of my video clips.

I plan for my focus to mainly be on the development rather than the design/look because I’ll be taking web design next semester and will continue to add to my site the more I learn. However, I do want to be able to show that I know how to create an interactive site, so I’ll definitely have buttons and a couple of other designs that need to be clicked or hovered over in order to function. If I leave this class with a site that is clearly mine, displays quality work and requires a few clicks here and there, then I will be completely satisfied with the progress that I’ve made.






Description: My site will include any and all work that I’ve done or have been involved with while in this program.


  • Have something beyond a resume for employers to have access to
  • Prove that I am capable of managing and troubleshooting a website
  • Finally have one place that all of my recent work is stored
  • Make a site that I’m proud of
  • Eventually this transitions to a site that attracts sports enthusiasts as well


My primary audience will be employers or people curious about me and my work. Hopefully I will be able to expand that to sports enthusiasts also. This expansion will only occur once I have the basics of my site and how it works understood.

Conceptual Level:

  • I will have a gallery of pictures I’ve taken, focused around the New Mexico trip I’ll be taking in three weeks
  • The option to view my resume will be one of the header options on my page
  • An About Me page
  • I will have a section of videos I’ve edited or done stand-up
  • Eventually I will have a blog section as well which will be centered around sports


Custom Community –


  • I will definitely be changing the entire color scheme and designs at the top of the page. Still debating if I want the top of the page to be a photo
  • I want to make the pictures on the side expand when the mouse is hovering over it.
  • Find an appropriate place to import my Twitter posts

3 thoughts on “Capricia Alston

  1. Susan Veoni

    I think that’s great that you are focusing on development/functionality, and not so concerned with how it looks at this point. It’s also really smart to take the web design class next semester so you can continue improving your site.

  2. Dana Jennings

    I would love to take that web design class as well, but I’m running out of options! I think that will really help you flesh out your site because you will have two full semesters to tinker and perfect your design. You’ll have to let me know how the class goes next semester. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong, Greg) that the web design class is going to be less-coding specific and more layout, user-related content. That should really make your base site really come to life.
    Also, if you are interested in the sports aspect, I am totally for teaming up and sharing knowledge (and trash-talk)!


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