Actual, factual results

I like that we are beginning to see results on our own webpages, because the conceptualization can only get you so far. I feel like we have learned a new foreign language (or several!) in a short period of time, and only now are we starting to talk to anyone in those languages.

One of the greatest skills in a work environment (like mine) with coders and management is the ability to be a liaison between the two. Seriously. Coders talk in these funny languages and everyone else talks in English (or French, or Spanish, etc) and usually neither side takes the initiative to try and understand the other. The ability to understand “code-speak” and translate it into real results is a highly valued commodity, and I think that this class is beginning to make it a reality for us.

In my normal coding experience, we specialize so deeply that once we send the code to production, we simply move onto the next project and rarely see the end result. To be honest, I have never really cared because all of the work I do refers to life insurance accounts and how their algorithms work. It has never really engaged me more than the simplicity of my work, and I have always wanted to get out of that business (hence journalism!), but with this class, it has brought me back to why I started learning about computers in the first place. I am very excited about what we are doing, and have already been envisioning building the website to host several things that can be related to a new business and journalism at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Actual, factual results

  1. Rob Snyder

    It’s definitely nice to start building something. I feel the same as you. I want to see the fruits of my labor. Otherwise, it’s just punching numbers, for no real purpose. It sounds like you’re getting somewhere with your page, so congrats. I’m not surprised that your past work experience came around to help you out in this class. We are able to change jobs often in the military, and I always find it amusing how the most (seemingly) disconnected skill sets can help me out in new jobs. There’s something to be said for bringing a good mixture of people to a single task; they all provide unique insight and solutions to whatever problems arise. Good luck with your site.


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