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I have been spending so much time on my local site that I had forgotten it wasn’t my real site! I wanted to make sure I understood what this website project entailed, every step of the way, so I decided to export what I had accomplished thus far onto my live site. Sounds easy enough right? I opened up CyberDuck and dropped the files in the correct folder. Next I went to Tools and then Export on my local site. All seemed to be working correctly. I signed into my live site (by some miracle I remembered my username and password) and again went to Tools and then Import. And here the problems began.

First of all, none of my media files had transferred. This meant my header and background were back to being the plain, gray, twenty twelve theme. This was slightly irritating but easily fixed. Next I noticed that the words on the main navigation bar were back to not being centered. This was the most frustrating part of the export/import process because I had spent so long last week, as well as last class, figuring out how to make them centered! Some of my other css style edits came through but not the centered words. The menu also refuses to display what I want it to even though everything is set up exactly as it is on the local site and everything on the local site works. Needless to say I’m glad I figured this out now and not in two weeks!

Having found little success with going live, I decided trying out custom post types might be a more successful venture. Unfortunately, every time I tried to make a plugin or change the functions.php file, the WordPress admin page stopped working. While it was not quite Susan’s white page of death with an error message, I found it irritating enough that I also deleted my attempts in order to restore a working WordPress page.

The readings were good this week in that I felt they helped me build up my understanding of what I was trying to do, especially the Smashing Magazine article. Hopefully next week I will have more luck executing this understanding!

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