This week, I tried uploading my content to my domain through the FTP for the first time, and epically failed. In my class notes, I’d confused “htdocs” with “wp-content,” so it didn’t work, and I Googled frantically for an answer and ended up deleting the entire WordPress install from my domain, leaving me with a completely blank site. Oops.

This led me to what I hope will be a helpful self-realization for the future: I am an impulsive troubleshooter. When something goes wrong, I tend to freak out and start clicking and typing and Googling until I’ve dug myself even further into a hole. It happened with MAMP, and it happened again with FTP. Next time, I think I should step away from the computer for a few hours before I try to fix it, and talk to someone who knows what they’re doing before I troubleshoot myself in the head.

Greg was nice enough to help out from afar, and I retrieved the WordPress install, but still haven’t successfully gotten my stuff up on the site (not just the content: all of my child theme, functionality changes, everything). I’m hoping someone (maybe you?) will be able to help me out in class on Tuesday.

In better news, I successfully designed a toolbar that will stay at the top of my page as folks scroll down, which will allow me to post anchor links (this week!) and keep all of my content on one page.  I feel so much more comfortable with the different PHP files now, that making small changes and additions like this doesn’t feel so daunting anymore. Tiny fist pump!

1 thought on “FTP = FML

  1. Greg Linch

    Fist pump! Yes, stepping away for a bit and then coming back with a fresh set of eyes can be very help for troubleshooting.

    After dragging in your theme, be sure to activate it under “Appearance” -> “Themes.” As for the content, you have to use “Tools” -> “Export” locally and then “Tools” -> “Import” on your live site.


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