Technical difficulties come in all sizes. Typically all at once.

To build off of my last post, I still am unclear about what APIs do for our sites and whether I need to be worried about them or not. But I am confident that I can get some good things working by the end of this project. Also I have signed up for next semester’s class and that makes me feel better to know that I will have more time and teaching to get this perfect (or at least better!). I am a little worried about how little I feel that I have actually done and the looming deadline on July 21st (that is the deadline, right?).

I was having major troubles getting things done on my MacBook and decided to take the leap to Snow Leopard to try and make Github work for me and the MAMP work better for me. This has been a less than fun experience. I am in need of some technical assistance that might be beyond my expertise and I am hoping it doesn’t put my laptop on the disabled list. I am going to be away from the computer tonight, but I want to get this fixed ASAP, so when I get home late tonight I want to do my best to fix it.

1 thought on “Technical difficulties come in all sizes. Typically all at once.

  1. Greg Linch

    You don’t need to use APIs, but you’ll need the Twitter API if you want to continue with you original plan. If not, that’s fine — you’ll need a replacement customization plan.

    Please send me an email if I can offer any help with the Snow Leopard setup.


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