Coding Under a Deadline

To say that I should have been coding a lot more along the way is an understatement. I focused more on the content of the site as I received it and I think they’re really great pieces. There’s nothing like a deadline to push you to code briskly and checking your work along the way. After crashing my site by messing up a few lines in the functions.php file, I had to walk away from the site on Friday afternoon. It was getting to be a bit much and I felt like my jQuery-hating self again. Oftentimes, the best thing you can do after much frustration is to walk away from the site for a few hours. Clear your head and come back to the code and really go through it with a fine tooth comb.

I took a little more than a few hours and really got myself mentally ready to engage in a full day of coding and content creation. The site visually I think is awesome compared to the bare bones it was a few weeks ago. I’ve seen the site come a pretty long way and I am proud of what I have been able to learn and code. It wasn’t without the help of Codecademy to remind myself of punctuation and proper order. My biggest appreciation for what this class has taught me is literacy. I remember looking at .php files in WordPress and not knowing what did what and how. I’ve now been able to dissect pieces of codes and understand what it does based on context. I won’t claim intermediate proficiency in my professional life. This, however, was never the goal and my ability to understand code and the website creation project lifecycle is a very valuable asset to have as a marketer.

There are few loose ends to tie before the midnight deadline. Mostly exporting my content from the local site to the live site and making sure everything looks in order. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s projects and get another perspective on my own to strengthen the final product. See you all Tuesday!

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