Inception: Coding Philosophy

Thoughts on re-reading initial readings

I’ve always enjoyed first perceptions and seeing the beauty in everything the first go around. I’m not the type of person to film experiences because it takes away from enjoying the experience and making memories. I do my best to avoid watching movies over again and I’ve never gone through and re-read a book in my entire life (including Dr. Suess). The movie inception was an interesting one because it involved planting a seed or memory in that of another person.

Going back and rereading these articles with a certain type of experience has completely changed how we perceive these articles. It’s like an entirely new first perception and experience going through these coding language articles.

In my first analysis post  of the summer I made a comment about how the Pragmatic Programmer Quick Reference Guide was anything but quick. Through an inception of sorts and becoming literate in programming terminology it was a quicker read than the first time I read it. It all made much more sense and it should continue to make more sense as I continue to learn about web development.

What I learned

While we never got the chance to learn and practice python the philosophy rings true for other languages. The concept of abstraction and writing modularly is a concept that I’ll continue to use in everyday life. Making everything independent of itself should lead to less complication should any one thing fail. Writing code linearly or dependent on itself could lead to hours of frustration.

Why what I learned matters

Abstraction applies to everyday situations like balancing school, work, personal, and gym time as independent times and forcing one time into another can possibly lead to negative results. I’ve been known to forgo the gym during a tough week at school or work. Scheduling time well in advance for gym, school, and work should lead to better time management and productivity.

I’m thankful for this class because I really feel like I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the web development process. The tools that we’ve learned like GitHub, Sublime, Command, MAMP will really help me communicate with web developers and should a problem arise that they can’t dedicate their time to I feel confident enough to go in and make changes and update to the live server.

What I’ll do with new knowledge and skills

Reducing project length time from agency processes is always a struggle but it now feels like I have the tools and skill set to do so. This is invaluable as a young online marketer to really understand the web development project life cycle. It’s an asset that not many people have or are willing to learn so it should assist me in professional ascent. Perhaps my next endeavor will be partnering with someone for a mobile application.

The Class Overall

This program to me has always been a measured risk as a professional studies degree. It’s still unknown whether the cost of the degree will be worth the monetary and time investment. It is a very practical degree unlike an MBA, but the negative side of that has been some fluff courses like Social Media. Some of the courses in this program have only solidified what I already knew or gave me some minor insight. Unlike those courses, this course has taught me a tremendous amount that I will be able to use in everyday life.

What I want to learn

  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mobile App Development
  • Strengthening knowledge of what we’ve learned already

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