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My daily basis is spent wiring about different computer processes, due to working as an account coordinator at a PR agency that specialized in Federal IT programs. Although I am able to create content and understand keywords in the website sphere, I have only been aware of one side of the process. As someone who has no true experience in coding or web development, the assigned readings prior to class have helped illuminate a well-rounded background of all that goes into creating and maintaining websites.

In a world where websites and internet connections have taken over, it is easy to only think of the future instead of thinking about the past and what has brought us to this point. I was amazed while reading the timelines of computer software and computer networking to see how long ago the thinking up and first trials of these processes began. The first modem was created back in 1949, this was the year that segregation in the military was ruled out, to put it into perspective.

I was impressed that only 25 years later, the SABRE system was created for American Airlines. This was the first program that allowed travelers to reserve their airline tickets online. Today there are dozens of apps that allow the buying of flights to happen through phones and other devices, making this seem like a casual everyday thing.

Along with the upbringing of the technology, I was also surprised to find out how many different languages of coding there are. To the untrained person like me, it seems as though all websites would use the same type of coding language. However, this is not the case at all. The different languages create different types of systems and processes.

Overall, I look forward to training myself to see and understand the other side of the website curtain.

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