Learning How to Code: Potential Challenges I Might Face

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Completing this week’s assignments was not difficult. But obviously, I have no experience in coding so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It turns out that coding is like learning a new language.

After going through all the readings, I made thorough notes on the biggest things I need to learn. I wrote down the tags and the meanings of what terms like <!DOCTYPE html> and <html> meant. Codecademy did a great job of trying to synthesize coding to be as simple as possible, but it still took me a solid hour and a half to complete the exercises. As a tech-loving millennial, I am used to things being fast and instant and I have to remind myself that learning to code will take time. I can’t get good at it right away.

One of my favorite excerpts from this week’s readings were from “Get started with Web coding. Part 1: HTML and CSS,” because the author mentioned that like anything, we have to code every day for us to get better at it. I apply this to all the other skills I have learned in the past: speaking Spanish, singing, playing instruments, and editing video. Obviously, I wasn’t great at them when I started out but after practicing and working at it diligently for a while, those things became muscle memory to me. I realize that if I continue to be diligent at learning how to code, it will be the same for me. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Doing the Github exercise by making my own repository was pretty straightforward. The reading did a solid job of helping me understand how to navigate it better. One thing I love about the Georgetown program is that I have grown from being someone with not a lot of digital skills to learning how to navigate all kinds of programs. After all, that is what I love the most about learning: growing from becoming an amateur to an (almost, maybe, kind of) expert.

“Meet the Web Inspector” was helpful for what we did in class Wednesday. It is going to be so cool to be able to go into a web page and learn how to change things. This will be so helpful in helping me understand how to build content and websites. “How to inspect styles” also build on the details I learned about web development.


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