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HTML Reflections

Codecademy was super easy and helped jog my memory of other intro HTML classes I’ve taken. I hardly retained anything from those 1-day courses, except that these 2 lessons probably made a bit more sense to me than they would have otherwise. (This article — specifically the slides and list — rocked! Really pulled the Codecademy lessons together for me into a narrative. )

That being said, I was totally lost when it came to GitHub. The lesson was easy enough to follow, instructions-wise, but I had no context for what I was doing or why? The repository will hold the code for my project? And I will test things uses the branches? Is it a CMS?

I find the web inspector functionality cool, kinda fun, but again, I am at a loss for it’s purpose. Why would I even use it, or need it? Is it simply a learning tool? Or does it help me should there be an issue on my website — flag the problem for me? I’ll be interested to hear some of it’s application in our next class.

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