Wins and losses from my first homepage

This weeks work made me warm up to Codecademy a lot more than I expected. I really enjoyed learning about CSS and seeing what more “front-end” web design looks like.

After this week I definitely want to focus my time on front end changes during my bigger projects. First, it more closely reflects the type of web development I would do at work, and secondly I enjoy making things look pretty. CSS gave some immediate gratification when it came to making changes, and learning about all the options I had when it came to color, sizes, and fonts was really interesting.

There were some minor things with Codecademy that I didn’t like. Perhaps the main thing was that if I got stuck on a lesson that had 3 or 4 different steps, the program would often give all the code for those steps, not just the one I was stuck on. That make it harder to learn the later steps, since they were already done for me.

I also had some struggles with getting Sublime Text and GitHub to play nicely together. I was able to make some basic code, save it, and drop it into my monitor and see it, but when I imported it into GitHub I couldn’t find the code. I tried looking around on the internet to see where I went wrong, but to no avail.

If possible, it would be nice to do these things in class together as a trial, so I know if I’m moving in the right direction or not. With the on your own work I felt like I was poking around in the dark, which to some extent is fine. However, since some of these concepts are so new to me, it would be really helpful to see things get done in class so I get a better idea of the flow of these programs, like GitHub.


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