JavaScript or jQuery, That is the Question

June 11, 2017
11:09 PM

I was an idiot and did almost all of next week’s jQuery exercises before realizing that I was in fact on the jQuery page and not this week’s JavaScript page. At least now I know why I was so confused. But, needless to say, a dastardly start to this week’s homework.

I learned the abstraction before I even knew I what I was abstracting. I am, however, happy to say that I am now adept at navigating the murky depths of the Codecademy Question Forums. I’m also grateful that now I will understand the “why’s” and “how’s” behind the “what’s” of my mediocre accomplishment. I had no idea how I was supposed to know how to write the beginning JavaScript. But! Now I can use functions. Sort of. So, that’s exciting. Out of frustration and sleepiness, I am going to bed. Thank god I have some time to tackle this tomorrow.

June 12, 2017
7:53 PM

Well. Now I have stuck my toe into the cold lake of JavaScript, and it is not as logical as it seems. I really do feel like I’m drinking out of a fire hose–mostly because I’m building concepts that are built on top of shaky concepts. I’m definitely going to need to review this and ask a bunch of questions on Wednesday. It makes me kind of concerned about going forward, but I also am gaining confidence in my ability to google stuff, which I’m trying to tell myself is all that matters.

The exercises make sense…mostly? But it feels like something finicky is going on with the Codecademy stuff, but I don’t know if it’s just me. For example, I’ll start an exercise and it will say I am wrong before I’ve even clicked anything. It’s frustrating, because then I just have to click through and I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to be learning.

I will say, I’m feeling some serious solidarity with my fellow classmates, and that’s encouraging.

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