jQuery Fumbles

I felt particularly overwhelmed this week. The fact that I started some of the Codecademy lessons for jQuery last week instead of this week might have something to do with it. I’m finding the process extremely frustrating. I’ve been having a lot of problems with Codecademy itself. More often than not I had to go into the Q&A Forum for help. (Which, honestly, was encouraging, because a lot of people were having similar issues to me. For example, having correct code that simply wouldn’t go through.) I understand and appreciate the necessity of Codecademy, but when you’re spending hours upon hours (literally) working on it, it gets frustrating.

The project was… okay. Until I got to the jQuery part. I spent a lot of time on the W3 Schools site, and just googling around in general, but it wasn’t particularly fruitful. As you know, it took me forever. There was a point in class where you said that we might not even need to use variables in our code, and unfortunately I spent a lot of time hung up on that. I’m hoping that I will understand it better once we’re in class. I wish it were possible to do an only jQuery practice before jumping into the whole slideshow. I got the pictures up, the text up, and the buttons up. You just can’t see it all. (I’m also glad to know after reading the other blogposts that my fellow coders in this class are feeling similarly to me.)

For my midterm, I was going to interview the coders behind the “North” piece that I showed you. Unfortunately, that fell through as of two days ago. So. On the prowl again. There are a couple of interactive pieces that I really enjoy and would be interested to speak with the people who produced them, so I am currently trying to get in contact with them.

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