Cool people. Awesome development tricks.

This week I got to talk to someone I really admire at The Post. My Q and A with Matt Callahan was a really nice way too see the “after” of what you can do in web development. I very much am in the “before” category, so looking at all the amazing enterprise pieces that Matt had a hand in was an education in itself.

We’ve been toiling away learning the foundational lessons in coding, and this was a really nice break to see how far we’ve come and where we can go with this. Like many of my classmates have mentioned, a lot of our work can feel overwhelming but to see someone else who has used this platform and made amazing storytelling vehicles was a nice way to see the forrest from the trees.

As for other work, the slideshow was a pretty hard assignment. I asked around for some tips and help, and without that I honestly don’t think I would have been able to complete the assignment. Going over it in class was helpful, but it would have been better to go over it on the outset. Again, I understand that the aims of this class aren’t to spoon-feed us, but it would have been extremely helpful to have some footing before we began the project.

I am relieved to hear that the class takes a pivot now to longer projects. I’m looking forward to thinking about final projects, and trying to conceptualize what I can do after learning the basics in development. I still think that I’m interested in front-end design, and making things look pretty. It would be really cool to design something for The Post that we can use for the fine arts team, but I’m going to continue to mull what my options are. Until next week!

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