Final Project + Project Management Thoughts

This week we discussed agile and waterfall as two different ways of tackling project management when it comes to working on various web design and coding tasks. So much of our class thus far has been centered around actually learning the material, and I had never really stopped to think how what we were learning in the classroom would be applied to real-life situations, in which we would hypothetically “work in teams” to complete a larger project. I had no clue that people took project management within coding so seriously (from our reading of the Agile Manifesto during class this past week), but I can certainly understand its importance and significance when trying to tackle such a difficult beast. I can also definitely see where GitHub would come into play in these cases, but working with/against GitHub has been one of the hardest parts of the class so far for me, but I value its ability to help people work together and even troubleshoot different pieces of code. I’m not totally sure which category I would fall into if I were a developer in the real world – or if I could even apply it to my own work style now as a PR professional – but I’m definitely interested in reading more and discussing the pros and cons that come with each style.

We have been instructed to work on our final projects this week, as we will continue to do for the rest of the semester, and I have found myself worrying about working against the clock. I’ve been so slow in putting different elements together, going into our WordPress content folders to tweak pieces of code, and testing out different stylistic themes/designs, and I worry that there just won’t be enough time at the end of the day to make my website what I truly want it to be. I’m definitely thankful that WordPress has so many built in style and layout pieces, but when I go in to make even tiny tweaks I’m not totally sure if I’m doing enough to show full customization of my final project.

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