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When I was contemplating what to create on my site, and choose for my final project I began thinking first of what code I could realistically change in order to change the WordPress platform. I was having a hard time even thinking of how this could be done. Since I missed the week on WordPress, I was a little bit lost. Thankfully after last class, I understand now that you go into WordPress and actually work from their code to in order to change it. I hadn’t fully grasped that concept and still thought we were writing all of the code and creating our own website for some reason.

This week’s reading have been very helpful and insightful. After I figured out which project I wanted to do, and then learning the proper format to do it, I started thinking about where to begin. I felt overwhelmed and wasn’t exactly sure what should come first, second, etc.

Thankfully, this week’s readings were helpful. I still haven’t really understood all of GitHub’s quirks and abilities, but the reading on GitHub’s site on features for collaboration were extremely helpful on how to think about starting. I was able to kind of get the gist of how you can seamlessly review and add to your code. However, once I go to my site I always get very confused. So I might need to come in early (if work allows) and truly go over how to correctly work with and post to my GitHub account. Right now, it shows a very confusing screen when I try to add anything, so I think I do need to go over that again.

I found the article called Shh! Don’t Tell Them There’s No Magic in Design Thinking¬†particularly intriguing when they began talking about how you need to think about design first in order to fully understand what you will need to do in order to create that design and its features.


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