Beginning work on Final Project

We were talking about the readings about API and although it helped us understand how the web works, we’re not exactly sure how it applies to our projects or if we need to add it to them. However, through the readings I was able to understand the purpose of an API and how websites like Facebook and Google are able to get and provide the information and data that they do. The only real thing that I didn’t understand about API was REST API and the JSON aspect.

I have officially began working on my project. Unfortunately there has been a minor setback in that my database is not hooking up on my local server with my folders. Therefore, I am stuck trying to get things to work and worried about erasing my database as a whole. I’m not exactly sure why because it was working the other day in class, and of course when I get together with Jaclyn and Lucy to work on the project now it won’t work.

Back to the project, I am getting nervous that I will not be able to completely understand everything in order to get things done. I need to do some research tonight into WordPress and how to make changes to it.

A few questions that I have are :

  1. If we are adding an HTML element where would we place that code?
  2. If I am making changes to a plug-in, which folder within the folder do I make changes? And with that, do I have to make a plug-in child?
  3. How do I fix my database problem?

Overall I’m hopeful that I will get everything completed but am getting frustrated that things aren’t working in a way that I can even get started, and that the week before our final is due we won’t be able to have hands on help if we truly need it.

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  1. Greg Linch

    Here’s some more background on REST APIs:

    1. What is the HTML element’s role in the site? If it’s for front-end display, you’ll want it to be in the template file of a theme or child theme. If it’s for a custom meta box in the admin, then it should be in a plugin file (see the Reading List plugin as an example).
    2. What exactly do you want to change about the existing plugin? Generally speaking, I’d recommend overriding the plugin’s functionality with a new plugin you create — not modifying the existing plugin because then you won’t be able to update it.
    3. Can you please send me an email with more details about what’s happening with your local host site? Screenshots of what you’re seeing on localhost in your browser and on the MAMP app will help, too.


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