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This week I definitely saw a shift in my learning as we continued to work on and finalize our finished websites. I struggled throughout the weekend but working with a study group was definitely helpful, and as I was able to work through the small tasks I had set for myself, I gained confidence in what I was able to not only understand, but also accomplish.

During the rest of this week up until my final project is due, I hope to put the last final touches on my content and then make sure it is displayed and running to the best of my ability. I’m still not totally sure if the number of customizations needed will suffice for the assignment (and is probably my greatest concern before we turn in our GitHub links on Sunday) but I’m sure hoping! I’ve also noticed that using our Google group email has been really great, since its much easier to respond back and read questions and answers in a timely fashion that can sometimes help inform what we’re already working on.

I also totally agree with Molly’s last comment about Codecademy – they were super helpful in learning the languages, but since we learned HTML and CSS (my two most comfortable languages — maybe because they are the simplest for me?) in the first two weeks of class, I could definitely use a refresher on syntax. I may go back and try to relearn at least those two languages post-finals, if possible.



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