Who ever thought…

Who would have thought that I would have interest in a Web Development class? I have no experience in web development and coding and it is all very new to me. Learning about HTML and the rest of the coding systems gives me insight into the world of code. Using Codecademy and jumping straight into HTML gave me a little worry, but as soon as they continued to go through the steps and explain them, I began to worry less. Once I began understand the pattern of the HTML layout, it became easier as it went on. We were also introduced to GitHub and that also threw me a curve. Although both concepts were foreign, the reading and tutorials both were very helpful and informative.

Learning new codes is introducing me to a new world and I new skill that I never had prior access to. As an African-American women, I believe that we do not know much about this industry let alone, dominating in it. I believe that this is a skill that will help one stand out and if possible, able to excel at the skill. I hope to be able to gain the basic skills when this class is over and be able to increase in my knowledge.

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