Putting it all Together

This week was fun since it was the first time I felt like I was “coding.” We took everything we had recently learned and put it all together in an effort to make a homepage. The beginning of this process started with the Codecademy assignments that helped refresh some of the concepts we had learned while also adding new things to help improve our first page. The concepts tied in with the readings that also made it easier to complete the assignment. Sometimes for me it is hard to fully comprehend the readings without seeing the active visuals, so I attempted to code my assignment while simultaneously reading. This proved to be somewhat effective, but still a bit challenging. Another issue I had was trying to fight images that looked right based on things I had read right here. I realized it was more about the presentation on different devices, but it still helped with my attempt to throw images in there.

The final issue I had was trying to put my safe code from Sublime into my repository on GitHub. Even looking at the reading on GitHub I still had issues and ultimately just had to continue clicking around saving and re-saving the different documents that I finally was able to include it. Even then I felt like it was still placed in wrong, I still felt good about finding a solution to my issues. I look forward to what next week will bring to my already growing knowledge.

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