The “Script” is Off

This week obviously was very different seeing how we don’t have a formal class. JavaScript has probably been one of the most interesting lessons thus far. From what I’ve understood just from Codecademy and our brief Google Hangout, the program seems to be what makes a website move. The “script” is the what the website follows which causes things such as but not limited to: drop menus, highlighting hyperlinks, and pop ups on the page. Which makes it the most interactive lesson that we’ve had up to this point. Interactive in how we interact with the websites mechanics. The lesson was a bit difficult trying to remember the terms, and then applying that when moving on to the next lessons. I think it will be helpful to see this lesson again in person to fully grasp what it is I’m learning. Overall though it was enjoyable to learn a new step in my coding development and look forward for what is to come next.

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