Moving Forward….

This class was……

Challenging for me personally. I thought this would have been a very fun, interesting, creative class, but it moved way too fast for myself. I am a hands-on learner and I know I need to go step by step to understand things. I would love to continue to get the hang of coding and web development, but this class was actually very difficult for me, but I also had a number of other complications in the semester. I think if this class was twice a week and we began to work on our projects earlier, it would have been a little less stressful for me in the end of the semester. The idea of coding and web development is great, but when I originally signed up for the class, I realized that it was not what I expected. I did not know what I was expecting, but it was not the experience I received.

Although, with the struggles of this class, I did enjoy it. I would love to see how I could build on these skills maybe if I take my time, and actually study the skills, I would grow to find passion for this skill.

Enjoyed the midterm, and the fact that we got to speak to a developer and see what they do and they work. Also, being a journalism major, I enjoyed the writing aspect.

Moving Forward……..

I enjoyed this class, and I learned a lot throughout the semester.

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