Another week, another language

We are diving into the world of JavaScript this week through Code Academy. I think this is one of the more exciting languages, or fun rather, simply because it can be used to create pop-ups. I would like to include some of them in my final project site, not in an annoying ‘my computer has virus and is plagued with pop-ups’ type of pop-ups but a fun, kind of ‘welcome to my site, here’s a quirky joke’ pop-up. Now this is something I will be able to do if I am able to grasp some of the basics, I have been struggling with keeping up with the different languages and their functions within the site. Well, that might not be the best description. I understand what role each of the language play in enabling front end functions, but I’m not always the best at ‘code-switching’ between languages to write the proper code for them to carry out. This was something I noticed last week, when we began incorporating CSS, and I brushed it off as just a beginner’s mistakes. But, now that there are three different languages in play, I am going to have to really buckle down and focus to make sure I’m both understanding and properly writing the lines of code. What I will say is, as I went through the different lessons on Code Academy I was able to develop a better handle on the language by trial and error, as well as actually reading the instructions on the side panel very closely, and not just assuming I know what I am doing—because in fact, I do not. As a bit of extra homework for myself, I will be doing some more research on JavaScript and how other people use it (or not) within their websites, because right now I am not it’s biggest fan.

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