Just Starting Out…

So far HTML seems pretty easy and straight forward to use. I went in thinking that it was going to be some daunting dragon that I was going to have to slay, but it is surprisingly very user friendly. I’m saying this now, but may regret it later on in the semester. But for now, I am having an easy time grasping the concepts. So far, my biggest issue is indenting the lines of code, but the more I went through the lesson I was able to properly indent, so everything aligned and functioned properly. In terms of web development, I am not sure what kind I want to focus on or if I ever plan to use it beyond this semester. I plan to really get a feel for the discipline and see if it’s something that really interests me enough to pursue seriously. I find the idea of web development and coding to be pretty interesting, but I’m sure whatever skills I gain this semester, I will only use for my personal projects. For my final project I think I want to build a blog of some sort. A place unlike my blogs that I write for class that have to be very politically correct or ‘on-brand,’ I want this one to accurately reflect the actual views and opinions that I have about real issues. My current blog reflects the neutral persona that I’ve adopted for my career and doesn’t include many issues I am passionate about or those that I feel affect my community at disproportionate rates. I believe that I bring a unique perspective to things and should share. So essentially this blog will be the home to my real and true thoughts, sort of like a finsta—a fake Instagram where you share everything not just your picture-perfect highs but the lows as well, the real you.

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