Unraveling the mystery of the internet.

The internet has been grossly been interpreted by many and has hence created the idea that, its nuance and supposedly complex natureĀ  are solely designated to a few tech-savvy professionals who somehow have special skills to demystify these complexities. The readings, from how the internet works through the various philosophies of the software companies, allayed my fears as a not so tech-savvy type.

It was particularly refreshing to note that many in the tech industry are acutely aware of the general perception about the internet and have been working on simplifying our view and experience on their systems. That was a huge sigh of relief for me, especially having held the notion that this area of study is a reserve for a few.

My ultimate take aware is that the internet is, and will always be, a continuum. Understanding and working the internet is an unending enterprise that requires frequents updates of information, just as applications and software do.

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