Behind the Curtain of PR

Although I have been “functioning” in the PR field for quite some time now, I did not fully realize how much I owe to the codes that make up the foundation of my everyday work. However, the IT revolution is a fact, and we are surrounded by a whole range of electronic devices. Each of them is programmed in some way; therefore, it is significant to know how they work. Such an understanding increases the chances of professional development, without the necessity of becoming an expert. Regardless of the industry in which one works, we spend more and more time using the Internet. In my opinion, knowing how it is created can one day help me in the future.

This week’s readings present that programming is omnipresent. If you drive a car, you must have some knowledge of how the mechanics behind it. That is why I have a similar approach to learning web development and programming techniques. As a result of my work this semester, I can not only become better at my job, but also create higher quality projects for future clients.

Learning the language of programming can also be helpful in acquiring the knowledge of other useful skills. Logical thinking, the ability to create and examine solutions step-by-step as well as anticipating consequences are just a few of the benefits of gaining coding-related knowledge. Also, it is a kind of mental exercise, thanks to which I will be able to communicate more efficiently – since the organization of thoughts and ideas in a logical way undeniably helps in this process.

Moreover, after completing three lessons on Codecademy’s platform, I have a better understanding of web development and its significance in the field of communication. Thus, I am looking forward to this class and all the exciting things I will learn.

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