My main takeaways from this week’s readings were simplistic descriptions and analogies by Mindy McAdams on programming. Her conversational approach to programming and code were particularly refreshing and easy to grasp. The next article and its Website=House analogy and it’s picturesque slides made it more comprehensible. Also the introductions of elements, attributes and structure of tags (open <p> and closed </p> tags) and how the concept can be related to our everyday lives was so helpful.

I think the most abusive tool for me this week was the web inspector. I have umpteen times checked and changed the HTML of several websites just to see how what will happen and it was a pretty cool experience :). Sarah disagrees lol.¬†Codecademy’s split screen for instructions, coding and display shows in real time how the tag hierarchy relates to each other and how a glitch in the arrangement can alter the whole hierarchy. Their website is beginner-friendly, with hints to help you along the way should you get stuck on an exercise.¬†GitHub seem pretty straight forward with the creation of a repository and committing to projects. I hope to explore and learn more about its operations as the course progresses in the weeks ahead.


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