We built a house this week

This week was the first week to delve into the first exercise of coding and learning more about HTML. I really enjoyed the exercise and the steps I took to create the final outcomes. It was a little frustrating in the beginning to get something wrong because I forgot to add a comma or a “>”. Then I came to realize that every single symbol, letter, and space matter — which is crucial in our field of work — and the importance of attention to details in coding. Also, the organization and the neatness of the code and the spaces used are essential to the final product. I am very excited to get started with CSS because I am really interested in developing more knowledge about design, which is as important — if not more important — than the content.

One of the readings shows a great analogy of building a website and building a house. The analogy helped me understand the layers of work that go into putting together a house apply in the same way we put together pieces to have the final product of a website. This understanding of structure helps journalists in laying out their work and creating that final piece of work.

I found it most interesting to learn more about the browser’s web inspector. We started the exercise in class but I got more into it this week with the readings. I was playing around with different pages and looking at the HTML code. I found it very helpful that you can hover over the code and it will highlight on the website to show you where it is. I am also fascinated by the back-end work of websites.

I am excited to be learning more about the various structures of a website in the next few weeks and see how these are out together to create the final product.

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