Similar but different!

This week’s introduction to JavaScript lessons highlighted basic concepts on variables, data types in JavaScript (strings, boolean, numbers, null, undefined, symbols, and objects.). How to create a variable and functions, also the ES6 upgrade to the “let and const” to  fix the global scope flaws in the variables, arithmetic operations (+ ,- ,* ,%, / , ++ ,–) and how they can be used in JavaScript. I did learn a new word “concatenation” that uses the + operator to join two or more strings together. The quotations and spaces were a little tricky at first, but then they introduced  (“), which I personally prefer because it makes the codes simpler.

The biggest challenge was remembering when to punctuate codes. Also, the “if, if else, and the else” conditions were a bit confusing at first. As a whole I think  learning programming can be likened to learning a new language. The more you speak the better you become and the reverse is also true.

I am looking forward to learn and explore more of JavaScript.

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