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For this week’s assignment on the slideshow picture gallery, I found it challenging at times. I think since this was the first assignment in which we applied HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery all at once, it was a bit overwhelming to sort through the differences of each language. What helped me the most was going back through the Codecademy lessons and reviewing all of the different languages to refresh and kind of relearn everything. It was relieving that we went over almost all of the HTML during class period to get the ball rolling on the gallery assignment. I did struggle the most with the JavaScript and jQuery portions of the gallery, which is what I expected from the beginning.

There were plenty of moments of trial and error regarding writing my code, but I did Google search lots of webpages and articles to walk me through similar projects. I personally chose to do my slideshow gallery on various puppies, which did cheer me up when I was getting frustrated and lost on what components were not working cooperatively with each other. At the very end, I added my CSS last — it is very simple, but still I was searching the internet to look for how to do things such as center align my elements, various wordings for colors and so on.

The part that had me most in a panicked frenzy so to speak was getting all work committed and saved on GitHub. I had some issues as I was confused and probably needed a break from the continuous work to look carefully at what I had completed and what was left to do. Despite getting it to work in the end, there are still lots of uncertainties I have about using GitHub and not guessing my way through whether I completed things accurately or not. I’m glad it is finished and I ended up being very proud of what I completed.

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