Command Line: The hacker’s screen!

I have seen the black screen umpteen times in movies and several advertisements online. The dark-backgrounded text interface often depicts some computer geek doing something that seems serious. I had no idea of the existence of the command line on my computer, let alone know about what it does and the power it has in controlling my computer.

The video from Coding is for girls at the top of the reading is beyond impressive. Her onion layers illustration (hardware, operating system, applications and the user) was spot on. I tried following the prompts and instructions on creating directories and deleting them from the cmd and that frankly made me feel a little powerful. I guess I have always thought hackers are powerful, or maybe not. The whole experience was new to me, but equally exciting. The part I didn’t quite get was why do I still see the practice and test folders on my desktop after giving a command to remove them.

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