This is just the beginning

The final project has really been a great eye opener to what the programming experience is like. I chose to work on a news website for African related stories and little did I expect the complexities and uncertainties ahead, but it has all proven to be worthwhile. For my code customization, I sought to develop a breaking news tab with motion text, a top stories tap, main and current story tab, and a contact form. I tried to create a subscribe tab and a country profile search bar with some in built code, but ran in to a few challenges. I was wondering and rather needlessly on how to get the text moving in my breaking news tab until I discovered the <marquee></marquee> from, a great resource for every programmer. I also realized that, just like learning language, the more vocabulary one have the more confident you become. My fears were born from a lack of information on most of the tasks I had taken on. Scanning through the many resources on W3School, I noticed the huge deficit in my HTML, CSS, and PHP vocabulary.

I stumbled on a few challenges, like consistently getting a 500 error on my live site after importing the files from my localhost, which gave me a headache for a while until the next day. Also I realized after transferring the files to the live site that most of my CSS failed to display. I don’t know why, but I will be working on it and will be grateful for any ideas from everyone. Getting rid of the default images proved futile.

Looking back from the beginning until now, I have rich information in an area I had no interest or idea of ever venturing. I remain optimistic about the prospects for the future; hence, “this is just the beginning” caption.

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