Workflow for local development and deploying to your web server

Here are the instructions to go from local development and testing to updating your live site:

Developing your site locally

  • Open MAMP and start the server
  • Open GitHub for Mac app and sync so that the repository is the same as local repo and vice versa
  • Open Finder -> Applications -> MAMP -> htdocs -> [project-directory-name] -> wordpress -> wp-content 
  • Open Sublime Text 2
  • Drag the WordPress file(s) or directory you want to edit over the Sublime dock icon
  • Edit your file(s) in Sublime for a discrete update
  • Save your file(s) in Sublime for that discrete
  • Preview that page in your browser at http://localhost:8888/[project-directory-name-here]/wordpress/ or start at http://localhost:8888/ and drill down through the directories
  • If you need to install a plugin or activate a themes, log into the admin at http://localhost:8888/[test-directory-name-here]/wordpress/wp-admin
  • If it all looks good, commit & sync that discrete update with a descriptive message; start with an action verb such as add, update, fix, etc.
  • Repeat as needed for each discrete update

Updating on your web server

  • Open Cyberduck
  • Connect to your web server
  • Open the corresponding directory where your files go (e.g. /wp-content/themes or /wp-content/plugins)
  • Pull up the Finder window
  • Drag and drop the file or directory into Cyberduck

After local site is ready to go “live”

  • in Cyberduck, upload/replace wp-content
  • on the live site /wp-admin
  • verify that your correct theme is activated
  • verify that all the necessary plugins are activated
  • make sure the appearance of the live site is correct
  • on your local site, go Tools -> Export
  • on your live site, go to Tools -> Import
  • check the box to “include file attachments”
  • verify the content appears correctly on your live site
  • make sure your settings are the same

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