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Web Development Guiding Principles

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As someone with very little background knowledge in web development the most striking take-away from the reading was the complexity and maturity of the different codes, ethics, guidelines, etc. that exist within the coding world. I had no idea that there were so many guiding principles that a coder was meant to follow and it raised a few questions in my mind. First, who created all of these guidelines and, given that there are different versions (e.g. Unix philosophy, notes on C programming, Zen of Python), how does someone know which one is “the” guiding principle to follow? I do recognize that they all carry a very similar message, but I can’t help but wonder if the varied versions create confusion and misguidance within the web development world.

Secondly, what is to keep someone from not abiding by the rules presented online? From my understanding they are not enforced in anyway, so if someone wanted to, for example, make it impossible for users to change or update their program, in direct violation to free software guidelines, is there anything that would stop them from taking that action? On a similar note, is it frowned upon if someone doesn’t follow certain guidelines, for example if someone wanted to keep their site “not free” as opposed to free content is that considered poor form in the web development world, or an acceptable personal choice?

Lastly, how is a beginner who does not have a course, instructor, or mentor, walking them through the world of web design, expected to find and learn the rules of the digital road? Web development and coding are still, in many ways, new territory that do not have, at least to my knowledge, the same oversight as other developed entities. Given the influence and power a website can have on the general public, as our WordPress reading said, those developing content only account for 1% of the audience actually reading and absorbing the posts, how is someone supposed to know if their content or web design abides by the digital code and is not accidently opening the door for software that could cause issues down the road?