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last touches

I greatly appreciate all of the helpful comments from the rest of the class. This website is turning out a lot better than I thought it could be due to everyone’s assistance, both aesthetically and ease of navigation wise.

I’ll definitely continue using the site after the class, adding a few plugins to deal with potential spam filtering for comment/suggestion box (as Cory noted).

A major haul I’d also consider doing (granted I have more content to work with) would be adding a footer section at the bottom of each page. It feels a bit empty there now. Apart from the 404 page and contact page, I wasn’t entirely sure I had the chops yet to go too deep into more than the roughly 10 pages I already have.

I think having the chat box would also be a pseudo addition looking back. Practically speaking, it would likely just gather a ton of spam and I would only realistically need it to answer (with keywords) about 10-20 questions in total before encouraging users to answer multiple choice boxes (to filter questions). I’d still like to know how to do that, but for the course of this website, although it was an interesting idea at first.. it seems to be a bit superfluous (as some of my classmates suggested).