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Future plans

What can I say! the past few months have been a learning curve for me, getting out of my shelf to try something new. The experience has not only been academically challenging, it has also been intellectually rewarding.  I feel like I have gained significantly from taking this leap of faith to try this class.  Thanks to Greg and everyone who shared a tip or an idea on the countless things I was confused about. I took the class only to be able to run my own website, but I feel a part of me wants to hold on and explore and learn as much as I can in a rather fast changing field of journalism, it won’t hurt to have something to fall back on, and this could really be a thing.

As I highlighted in my last post, I do intend to revisit each of the programming languages we went through in class to increase my fluidity and repertoire. Codeacademy, Khan Academy, W3School, and YouTube — especially mmuts who has a lot of lessons on almost all the programming languages we studied in class. I also intend to interact with a lot more web developers who have accomplished a lot more in the field for insight on how to make my way around. A significant part of this process will be to use by skeleton website as learning tool to get familiar with ropes. So please try passing by to check the latest on my website 🙂 make suggestions on how I can improve it.


I read through all the feedback you gave on GitHub and the great resources you guys recommended. Just like Oliver Twist I am asking for more resources that will enhance my skill as I try to learn as much as I can for the future.