Week 2 Assignment; May 28, 2013

Codecademy is an interesting way to learn how to code. It breaks code down into simple form, which allows beginners like me to not get overwhelmed. Most programming books, at least the ones which I have purchased, are extremely overwhelming. The size and type of font used strains the eyes, and there is usually too much information provided in any one given page. I love the way Codecademy has one topic or instruction per page and makes practicing easy — the sandbox or practice area is right on the instructional page. Five stars for interactive learning.

One thing about Codecademy that brings concerns to my mind is that it seems too easy to be true. And because it is easy and fun, I now wonder if I am actually retaining the information which I am practicing and not just going through the motions. I guess for now, I will go through the lectures and practice and as the course goes on I will see if it actually works. I really do hope it works as I am hoping this course will help me obtain the skills that I need to stand up my own blog and eventually interactive website.


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