Week 3 assignments and prep for class week 4 class session

The following is due by Sunday at 5 p.m. Please refer to the syllabus for links:

  • Bring your laptops: or else you have to set MAMP or XAMPP all up on your own at home for homework next week!
  • Complete the two Codecademy lessons: I’d recommend starting these as soon as possible because, even though there are only two, they’ll probably take longer the HTML lessons
  • Add styling and captions to your gallery page: the captions part is actually simpler than it seems. Take a step back and think about what code you already have and what it’s doing before you add any more jQuery.

The following is due before next Tuesday’s class:

  • Sign up for a GitHub account: free!
  • Install GitHub on your computer and log in with your account: also free!
  • Download MAMP (for Mac) or XAMPP (for Windows)

2 thoughts on “Week 3 assignments and prep for class week 4 class session

  1. Christina Cauterucci

    I had a dream about JavaScript last night – no joke. Actually, I guess it would qualify as a nightmare.


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