Death by Codeacademy … the New PowerPoint.

If the purpose of this week’s assignment was to reinforce last week’s class, then mission accomplished. The redundancy helped me commit nearly all the basics to memory, and had me typing away towards the end, barely reading the instructions. That said, it seems highly improbable that one could remember all (or even so many) codes without using HTML and CSS daily. That was probably the most disappointing thought – that I will probably forget a lot of what I learned.

I do see how at least the general use of HTML and CSS can be permanently committed to memory, though. And I do believe that is very useful for journalists who may find themselves one day having to tweak a website without the assistance of a web developer. I don’t think it would take much to catch up on the basics; just enough to fix or identify a minor problem with a web page. Also, once one knows how to use HTML and CSS, I think a simple reference guide, book or Internet search could fill in the voids.

Overall I like the way Codeacademy has put their site together. The tutorials seem to be just long enough to instill confidence in the user. I did notice, however, there are parts where even the wrong information could create a positive result and allow the user to advance. I also didn’t think it explained well enough the difference between IDs and Classes. I’m not quite sure why both are necessary.

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